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1) 本技术指标书仅适用于RS-365SA-12195-51N 型号直流电机。

This specification just applies to RS-365SA-12195-51N DC motor to be supplied to you.

2) 本技术规格书仅供客户参考,请务必确保马达能满足贵司产品要求。

We made this MOTOR SPECIFICATIPN is just for your conference. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the motor can satisfy the requirements of your application.

3) 当出现问题,双方以本指标书为标准进行商议。

When defective performance is occurred mutual discussions shall be made in accordance with SPECIFICATION FOR APPROVAL to resolve the matter.

4) 如样品确认后本规格书末盖章回传,我司则视为客户下定单为本规格书样品已确认通过。

If the sample confirmed but no stamp and return We will consider you Confirmed this sample and product

specification when issue order.


1-1 、额定电压:24.0V DC,Rated voltage

1-2 、额定负载 :59g.cm,Rated load

1-3 、旋转方向 : CCW,Direction of rotation

1-4 、工作电压范围 : DC18-28VDCat motor terminals ,  Operating voltage range

1-5 、工作温度、湿度范围 :-10~50°C/5%~85%RH (无水气凝结)

Operating temperature humidity range               (No condensation of moisture)

1-6 、摆放位置 输出轴的任意方向

Motor position                       All position of protruded shaft


2-1 、马达位置 轴向水平方向

Motor position                       Horizontal direction

2-2、 输入电压 规定的直流电源以确保无问题测量

Power supply                           regulated DC power supply assuring unquestionable measuring

2-3、 环境温度与相对湿度 常温常湿

Environment temperature And relative humidity        10-30℃ & Ordinary Humidity.如有争议,以JIS 标准测试条件为准:(25±2℃65±5%)If the judgment is questionable, Measurement is to be made based on JIS Standard TestingCondition(25±2℃, 65±5%).

2-4 、除非特别注明,使用额定电压Unless otherwise specified, rated voltage to be applied

2-5 、旋转方向Direction of rotation                   逆时针方向-从输出轴端看为逆时针方向

CCW-when viewed from output shaft side.


3-1、 空载转速 10000rpm±10%.

No load speed

3-2、 空载电流 0.12A (max).

No load current

3-3、 额定负载转速 7830rpm±10%.

Rated load speed

3-4 、额定负载电流 0.36A (0.45A max).

Rated load current

3-5、 启动电压 4.0 V max.(无负载载状态)(No Load)

Starting voltage

3-6、 堵转电流 1.10A (MIN).

Stall current

3-7 、堵转力矩 (250g.cm/min.-300g.cm/max)

Stall torque

3-8、 绝缘电阻 在马达端子与机身间提供DC 500V 电压

Insulation resistance               1 M? (min) DC 500V between motor terminal and motor metal housing.

3-9 、参考特性曲线图Reference characteristic curve see spec T.N.I.


4-1、 尺寸 参考外型图as per the outline drawing No:P5/5.


4-2、 外观 表面无明显变形或表面缺陷

Appearance                            no remarkable deformation and/or superficial defects

4-3、 轴向间隙 0.05-0.50mm.

Shaft end play

4-4、 轴径向跳动 轴输出端约2/3 位置用百分表测量

Shaft T.I.R                               0.03mm(Max)at 2/3 of output shaft side and measured by dial gauge.

4-5、轴向压力 最大15kg。轴向静推力和支撑位置的方向如下图

Maximum Axial Load 15kg max Direction of static load and support of load as shown bellow

4-6、 振动力 若有疑问双方协议之Vibration                                To be set up with mutual consent.

4-7、额定电压下机械噪音 马达固定在海绵垫上(输出轴水平状态)额定电Mechanical noise                    压无负载条件下的机械噪音无超过65dB,拾音器探头距离马达30CM(最大背景噪音为50dB)。

65 dB(A)max. Motor fixed to the sponge pad, the output shaft horizontal. Under rated voltage Mechanical noise under No-load at rated voltage .Noise analyzer the Probedistance motor 30cm.(back ground noise

4-8 、重量 50 克左右Weight                                      50g approx.

5、 寿命测试可靠性测试LIFE TEST:

5-1、 连续寿命 250 小时以上

Continuously running                250 Hours(min.)

5-2、 15min on /15min off 为1 cycle, 寿命要求1200 cycles 以上

测试条件Test conditions:

按以下状态确定寿命终结Life end defined as follows:

1)电流与初始状态下的电流有±10%差异When current is over±10% against the initial figure.

2)转速与初始状态下的转速有±10%的差异When speed is beyond±10%.against the initial figure.

3)电机被明显确认为无法使用When motor is unquestionable recognized as unusable.


储存温度 -20℃~70℃.

Storage Temperature

储存湿度 5%~95%RH

Storage relative humidity


Keep dry, avoid storing in high temperature, high humidity or corrosive gas environment.


7-1 环境温度条件对马达表现有极大影响,请在本技术指标范围内使用马达。

Since the performance of the motor id affected by environmental temperature, condition should be give to

keep it away from out of range.

7-2 避免在高温,高湿,及与腐蚀性液体﹑气体接触。

It is not allowed to operate in the high temperature with high temperature with high humidity or in the rust or

in the circumstance where the substances generating a harmful gas such as low molecular siloxan, syan,

formalin, quick-dry glue or the corrosive gas such as h2s,so2,xo2,cl,exist.

7-3 请不要在马达运行时锁定电机轴,若持续锁定超过一分钟,马达将发热甚至烧毁。

Do not lock the motor shaft while the electric is on. If lock state more than 1 minute would or resistor is heated up and may burnt down but not start fire.

7-4 应避免直接碰撞马达。

Do not give direct shock to the motor.


8-1 当使用超出本规格指针范围,不能保证产品性能。

Proper performance does not be guaranteed if the used in excess of specified value than indicated in the specifications.

8-2 本规格书在双方协商后可进行调整及追加

Any revision and addition to the specification shall be made after mutual discussion and agreement.

8-3 为避免合格产品退回我司,我司不为客户提供备份

In case those motors returned to us comply with the characteristics this technical specification, we are not liable to repair the motors free of charge.

8-4 贵司在IQC 检查中发现有瑕疵产品,请注明原因并退回,我司不接受没有任何标注的产品

When infects are found for the motors duly approved by your incoming inspection, the defective motors shall

be returned to us together with descriptions of the faults. We are to accept such motors only if the faults for

each motors are clearly mentioned.

8-5 贵司在测试本公司产品过程序中如有任何新的需求,请立即通知我司,我司会以优质和高效的服务以


If you have new requirement during testing our products please notice us immediately, and we will meet your

demand with our top-class quality and best service.



Motor Outline Drawing & Characteristic Curve Drawing.

10 声明Statement:

本公司全系产品均符合欧盟ROHS 指令及后续免条款规范。

The company all is products are in line with the European Union ROHS directive and subsequent exemption

clause norms.